Scrap Book #1


Decided to make 2 scrap book pages for pre and post 1994. i expect the second one might not have so much in it… yet

first gig at the Moonclub, Bristol,  nov 1988

 Early show at the Stokes Croft Tavern 1989. Jesse, Sean, Yoddom, Paul and James.

 Signing Get Higher in Our Price records, bristol (where sean worked). Jesse, Sean, Paul, Yod and Toby

 Performing “Get Higher” with friends at Ashton court festival 1990. We did 3 songs and that one lasted about 20minutes. Sam set himself on fire.

publicity photo taken in Broadmead

simon, jesse and sean with the chipindales

toby and paul passport photos

Van overheats on the way to a show in plymouth 5 aug 93. sean and toby, animal pairs. errol sunglasses. Graham driver, crouching. Craig Pyrah sound engineer bending over backwards (as usual). I think that was the infamous show where Scats the dog joined us on stage for a howl. He liked it at first but i think he got the idea people weren’t taking him seriously. tis sad to see the artist mocked poor fellow.


 Moonflowers splinter group Praise Space Electric, relaxing in their garden, stapelton road, bristol. Toby freshly shawn with bubbles.

The following pictures were originally a collage for some t-shirts. i’ve scanned them as-is…. watch out for a small photo of sean with a metronone strapped to his head in a recording session. One of our many innovations in the studio ( less than successful in this case i fear).





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  1. this is a wonderment to find…
    and yet so sad to read..
    had such a wonderful mass of experiences wth you all….in holland..and at the house on stapleton rd…
    ..gonna listen to yr sounds again tonite..l n l x

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