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  1. My main plus from this band was sending away for mail order releases and receiving vast amounts of extra ballast to pump out the envelopes, one included item was a Jazz and Reggae Mixtape that was in turn circulated around friends and became semi legendary, I recall most of the reggae numbers Prince Far I Bedwood The Flying Preacher, Mikey Dread Everybody Needs A Proper Education but the titles of the jazz tracks escape memory, if anyone can help me out, that would be incredibly welcome. X

  2. I loved the Moonflowers so much – went to see every London gig and when I moved to Bristol to go to UWE I think one of my first stops was the Popgod offices, followed by going for a pint in a pub round the corner from there (the Brewhouse) which I thought must be alright because ‘Me’ were playing there that night. I went to the gig, stayed for a lock-in, ended up working there and making all my Bristolian friends there, so thank you the Moonflowers!

  3. I saw The Moonflowers a few times back in the day, once (i think) in Bournemouth and then most memorably at the White Goddess free festival in Cornwall in ’91 which must have been fairly close to Boscastle cos we went for a paddle there for the day as well. Synchronicity time, my tapes have just arrived here in Aberdeen from where i used to live and i’m listening to my copy of live and unreleased as i’m typing this . . . may les fleurs de la lune continue to shine

  4. I first became aware of the Moonflowers when staying with a friend of mine in Brighton in ’91, who took me to a Praise Space Electric gig at the Richmond. It was a late start, and I was almost asleep at the side of the hall, but a few minutes into the set I was up and dancing.

    Then it was The Moonflowers supporting The Sandmen at my local venue, The Square in Harlow. A stunning gig. Hippies that make you dance. All my life I’d been waiting, without realising it, for Hippies that make me dance.

    Sadly I was only to see the band once more, pared down to three at a pub in Oxford. “Where have all the Moonflowers gone?” indeed. But by now I was completely turned on to the music and collected all their albums. They have been a beautiful part of the soundtrack of my life since.

    Now in spring 2013 I can’t believe it’s all happening again, or have I missed it once more? Agh!

  5. It’s April 1992, and I’m at the Wheatsheaf in Stoke expecting to see PJ Harvey. A rather embarrassed guy takes the stage and explains that Polly has a poorly throat so has decided to stay at home with a packet of ‘Lockets’
    Thankfully he’d managed to get some other band to stand in. ‘Yay!’ we all cried, ‘This is going to be crap!’

    ‘Give a big welcome to The Moonflowers!’

    …… wasn’t crap

    This was the first of about 7 Moonflowers/Praise Space Electric gigs I was lucky enough to be present at. Every one was brilliant. Here were anywhere between 5 and 11 people who just knew how to entertain a crowd, and they made it look so effortless.

    I’d love to see them again, please tour!!

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