Welcome to the internet presence of The Moonflowers, feel free to nose around and give us some aecdotal evidence of something happening somewhere.

attention 2017!
here’s a show coming up and very soon to be in the past:
7th oct 2017 at Bristol Colston Hall Foyer, 8pm

Bristol Takeover ft. This is the Kit

for more info email jessemorning@gmail.com

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  1. Hi, I went to see the Moonflowers at the George Robey around 1990, they played a track that had the lyrics “theres allways space in my heart for you” does anyone know this track, I still remember it and had it on tape years ago…is it available?

  2. Hey guys

    James, from the Gossamer Freds here. We used to play with you guys years ago!! Just found your etched record that you did, bought back some fond memories.

    Take it easy.

    Love & PEACE


  3. Glad your back hope to see you at Camp Bestival. Oh yeah always meant to tell you years ago but my copy of “We Dig Your Earth” EP was so big I had to trim around the edge to get it to play on my turntable any chance of a refund? I think I mightn have lost the receipt though. ; )

  4. Hi, hope you recall Jim Browning from your original Bristol days. His birthday’s coming up soon & I know he’d love to hear from you. Please contact me if so, and hide this comment 🙂 cheers

  5. Good evening to you. Can I buy ‘Out to Space’ and ‘Dirty and Lost’ on cd from you? Have you any vinyl copies of ‘We dig your earth’? for sale also, young sorts?

  6. Hi Jessie

    Gavin here from shadwell road days, friends with James S-M

    get in touch if I can help

    say hi to paul


  7. Hey Moonflowers! I’ve just discovered you’re performing again. Hooray!! Please continue!!

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