Scrap Book #2


  La Banciere , summer1994

in 1994, Sam, Toby, Sean, Jesse, Paul and Gina whilst recording “Colours and Sounds”

final UK tour 1995, just sam, sean and jesse left in the band. Drummy Green standing in for 5 memorable shows (and here busking in Worcester) before he too quit.


reformation in Japan 1995. Toby and Gina back with us for exotic shows only.





11-11-11 moonflowers featuring the next generation (photo courtesy of chandra moon)




Kat Lucy Rasha Catherine and Sam (photo courtesy of chandra moon)

Seren performs her solo song mid gig (photo courtesy of chandra moon)

full baand at cube 11-11-11 (phto courtesy of chandra moon)



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  1. Hi there, I was a great fan of the Moonflowers, they were the bench mark of my early nineties hazy days!!! Are they going too be having a reunion soon in bristol, wanna re-live my youth. By the way ‘Merry Christmas’ from Nick.

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