Jan 172013

In 2012 the moonflowers were fairly active and performed at
Camp Bestival
Shambala Festival
The Exchange in Bristol
Two days at The Cube in bristol introducing their play “The Life and Death of Life and Death” and playing a live set after each.

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a song from Shambala:

These clips from the cube 2nd december:

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Sep 232012

Its a Psychedelic Theatre Musical show for all the family written by Sean Sonik Ray O’Neill during the past 89 years.

The Legendary Moonflowers present their 21st century psychedelic musical:
The Life and Death of Life and Death A Love Story.
A multidimensional event including acting puppets, projections and live music from the Moonflowers.

This event to place over two days
saturday 1st dec afternoon 12 – 5pm free workshop for human children and adults
8pm – 11 – opening night performance £10/ £8 concessions or advance
sunday 2nd dec 3 – 5 pm matinee performance £8/£6 concessions or advance

Plot teaser: Awaken and celebrate the joys and despairs of eggsistance; Undertake a journey of life and death with the soundtrack to birth;  Play where lovers meet and the lost grieve, holding hands betwixt your own tears of joy and sadness to be tenderly and safely delivered into the rest of your life stronger and kinder.

Here’s an example of the soundtrack:
The Life and Death of Life and Death by Sonik Ray

We’re looking for skilled craftpersons, orators, lighting technicians and theatre production staff and equipment to help with logistics and actualisation.


sign up below if you like

also here’s the proj facebook page :


here’s footage from the performance in 2012:




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Sep 182012
Friday 26 October 2012
The Exchange
72 – 73 Old Market, Bristol, BS2 0EJ
8.00pm – 3.00am | £10 adv | Buy Tickets

yes its on the 26th October performing at one of Qujunktions fantsatic multi-media events at a new Bristol venue called The Exchange.

We’re honoured to be playing alongside the amazing François and The Atlas Mountains

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Jun 262012

For the first time in as many years The Legendary Moonflowers reformed for a one-nighter at Bristols lovely Cube Microplex Cinema. The auspicious date being the 11th of november 2011.

A bolstered lineup struggled through 2 hours of solid performance whilst singer Sean gave a conceptual award ceremony between the songs – many of which had never been heard before by surprised diehard fans (especially the slow tunes which seemed to go on for about 100 years). After an hour (of the by now bare-chested) crowd chanting “Get Higher” the band acquiesced and did storming versions of that, Tighten Up and um… some of their other smash-hits from the 90s.
The emotionally windswept night was garnished with a blazing rendition of John Lennons Imagine, the entire audience on their feet and singing the chorus “..and the world will be as One One One One One One” – it’s the date you see.

More fun to be had in 2012 from the lads who are BACK

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Having Fun With The Moonflowers – Out To Space

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Jun 212012

OUT TO SPACE – a compilation for 2012

here a press release:
The band were famous in the 1990s for their psychedelic, sometimes naked shows and were beloved by their cult following. They also managed 5 albums before they dissapeared in rural france in the late ’90s which have stood the test of time where many have fallen by the wayside.

These albums are available digitally for the first time this year on Disco-Ordination records. And the band are releasing two compilation CDs this year:
Having Fun With The Moonflowers – contains 12 their favourite hits and party tunes. Available from July 18. A great summer compilation.

Out to Space – perhaps a more Autumnal offering features 12 of their spacier and more cosmic sides. Available from 1st September. Here’s the track-list:

1 There We Will Find the Sun
2 Shake It Together
3 Connotation Vibration
4 Colours and Sounds
5 The Winkstress
6 Planet Dodo
7 Too Much Love
8 Goldmine
9 Dreamlovers
10 Morning Pipe
11 Jupiter
12 The River Is Flowing

The Moonflowers reconvened on the 11/11/11 (ending the show with a triumphant version of John Lennons Imagine “and the world will be as one, one, one ,one ,one, one. One”). The band had such fun they decided to do it again this year. Let the fun continue!




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Feb 112012

The Moonflowers entire back catalogue is going to be available online digitally for the first time soon in conjunction with Disco-ordination records. But here are a few highlights and strange clips….

The From Live and unreleased Vol 1. mostly recorded live in Dublin 1991

Warshag Warshag

Fire fire

GroovePower groovepower

My Baby My Baby

Bring Me Down Gently Bring Me Down Gently


Excerpt from Live at Newcastle Under Lyme with Drummy Green 1995 Colours and Sounds Tour

Serpents Of The Deep Serpents Of The Deep

I Would Like To See Egypt (One Of These Days) prince green

When I Was A Young Man young man


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Feb 112012
we dig your earth 12″ ep (pop god) 1988 1.rock and roll2. my baby 3.all or nothing 4. johnny
get higher 12″ ep (pop god) 1990 get higher mf mix/ big in the bristol area mix/ get dubber
warshag 12″ ep (pop god) 1991 warshag/ engraving
fire 12″ ep (pop god) 1991 1. fire 2.bring me down gently 3. i want to dill you
groovepower 12″ ep (pop god) 1992 1.big 2. fast 3. dub Groove Power!
hash smits lp/cd (pop god) 1992 1. rock ‘n roll 2.we dig your earth 3.warshag 5.i want to dill you 6.dub time baby 8.groovepower 9.back where i belong 10.get higher Hash Smits
tighten up on the housework brothers and sisters 12″ ep (pop god) 1992 1. brothers and sisters 2.housework 3. tighten up
covers ep 12″ ep (pop god) 1992 1.disco man 2. armageddon time 3.tighten up 4.norwegian wood Tighten Up on the Housework
from whales to jupiter.. lp/cd (pop god) 1993 1. there we will find the sun 2.connotation vibration 3.goldmine in the face of evil and dance 6.share your food 7.planet dodo for summer 9.serpents of the deep 9.come by ours, love 10.dreamlovers 11.jupiter 12.stick and bow From Whales to Jupiter
shake it together ep/cd(pop god) 1995 1.shake it together 2.soul heavy 3.dub it together 4.i would like to see egypt (one of these days) Shake It Together featuring Drummy Green
colours and sounds lp/cd (pop god) 1995 1.future alien 2.what is going to happen 3. nopar king 4.the world leaves the world 5.shake it together 6.revolution 7.path of the free 8.white bird 9.sun and moon 10.the winkstress 11.friends 12.if you feel like 13.colours and sounds 14.keepers of the fire 15.the worlds most famous unknown people Colours & Sounds
black beetles and white bird cd(colours and sounds/ crue-l ) 1996 1.colours and sounds 2.connotation vibration 3.get higher 4.warshag 5.tighten-up 6.norwegian wood 7.dub it together 8.armagideon time 9.planet dodo 10.housework 12.i would like to see egypt black beetles and white bird
brainwashing and heartists blue life stripes cd (colours and sounds/ cruel) 1997 1.cairo disco 2.goldmine girl 4.we are stars 5.titanium mountain 6.losing you 7.spirits 8.naima dancer 10.let it rain brainwashing and heartists blue life stripes
don’t just sit there, fly! cd (colours and sounds) 2000 1.baba yaga 2.little bird 3.apres coutance 4.youngman 5.appleblossom 6.silver hare 7.flies waltz 8.ambience genial 9.don’t just sit there 10.morning pipe 11.river is flowing 12.what is love don't just sit there, fly!
dirty and lost(eps collection) cd(coloursandsounds) 2002 1. Rock n roll 2. My Baby 3. All Or Nothing 4. Johnny 5. Get Higher 6.Bring Me Down Gently 7. Groovepower (DUB) 8. Groovepower 9.DiscoMan 10. Armagideon Time 11. Who Do You Love 12. Norwegian Wood 13. Tighten-Up 14. Housework 15. Shake It Together 16. Soul Heavy 17. I Would Like To See Egypt (One Of These Days) dirty and lost(eps collection)
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Jan 302012

The Moonflowers are happy to announce that they have been booked to play Camp Bestival in Dorset July 27-29. Two sets!

Also two sets for Shamballa Festival near Birmingham 24-26 August.

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Nov 222011

1988 – 89

Sean O’Neill – Guitar and Vocals, Paul Waterworth – Bass, James Stewart-Menteith –  Guitar, Yoddom Christian Pope – Drums, Jesse D Vernon – keyboards, violin,

’89 – 90

Sean O’Neill – Guitar and Vocals, Paul Waterworth – Bass, Yoddom Christian Pope – Drums, Jesse D Vernon – Guitar, Sam Burns – Sax, Keys, Liam Yeates – visuals


’90 – ’91

Sean O’Neill –  Vocals, Tobias Merlin Pascoe – Drums, Paul Waterworth – Bass, Yoddom Christian Pope – percussion, Jesse D Vernon – Guitar, Sam Burns – Sax, Keys, Liam Yeates – visuals, Ian Pirie – Sound, Graham Norton – driving

’91 – ’93

Sean O’Neill –   Vocals, Tobias Merlin Pascoe – Drums, Anthony (Errol) Flynn – Drums, Paul Waterworth – Bass, Yoddom Christian Pope – percussion, Jesse D Vernon – Guitar, Sam Burns – Sax, Keys, Gina Griffin – Violin, Liam Yeates – visuals, Craig Pyrah – Sound, Graham Norton – driving, Adam – visuals and merch, Rasha Shaheen – merch


Uk disaster tour


Sean O’Neill –  Guitar and Vocals, Tobias Merlin Pascoe – Drums, Anthony (Errol) Flynn – Drums (italy tour), Meurig Griffiths – Drums, Paul Waterworth – Bass, Mike Vince – Drums and percussion, Jesse D Vernon – Guitar, vocals, Sam Burns – Sax, Keys, Bass; Craig Pyrah – Sound; Graham Norton – driving


Sean O’Neill –  Guitar, Vocals (sometimes drums);  Tobias Merlin Pascoe – Drums (for a few shows), Drummy Green – drums (5 shows);  Maff Scott – Drums (2 shows) ;Jesse D Vernon – Guitar, vocals, Sam Burns – Sax, Keys, Bass; Richard – driving





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Nov 212011

Welcome to the internet presence of The Moonflowers, feel free to nose around and give us some aecdotal evidence of something happening somewhere. By the way most of this is written by Jesse but needn’t be, do embellish and correct wherever possible. j nov 2011


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