we dig your earth 12″ ep (pop god) 1988 1.rock and roll2. my baby 3.all or nothing 4. johnny
get higher 12″ ep (pop god) 1990 get higher mf mix/ big in the bristol area mix/ get dubber
warshag 12″ ep (pop god) 1991 warshag/ engraving
fire 12″ ep (pop god) 1991 1. fire 2.bring me down gently 3. i want to dill you
groovepower 12″ ep (pop god) 1992 1.big  2. fast  3. dub Groove Power!
hash smits lp/cd (pop god) 1992 1. rock ‘n roll 2.we dig your earth 3.warshag 4.fire 5.i want to dill you 6.dub time 7.my baby 8.groovepower 9.back where i belong 10.get higher Hash Smits
tighten up on the housework brothers and sisters 12″ ep (pop god) 1992 1. brothers and sisters 2.housework 3. tighten up
covers ep 12″ ep (pop god) 1992 1.disco man 2. armageddon time 3.tighten up 4.norwegian wood Tighten Up on the Housework
from whales to jupiter.. lp/cd (pop god) 1993 1. there we will find the sun 2.connotation vibration 3.goldmine 4.ug 5.smile in the face of evil and dance 6.share your food 7.planet dodo 8.song for summer 9.serpents of the deep 9.come by ours, love 10.dreamlovers 11.jupiter 12.stick and bow From Whales to Jupiter
shake it together ep/cd(pop god) 1995 1.shake it together 2.soul heavy 3.dub it together 4.i would like to see egypt (one of these days)  Shake It Together featuring Drummy Green
colours and sounds lp/cd (pop god) 1995 1.future alien 2.what is going to happen 3. nopar king 4.the world leaves the world 5.shake it together 6.revolution 7.path of the free 8.white bird 9.sun and moon 10.the winkstress 11.friends 12.if you feel like 13.colours and sounds 14.keepers of the fire 15.the worlds most famous unknown people Colours & Sounds
black beetles and white bird cd(colours and sounds/ crue-l ) 1996 1.colours and sounds 2.connotation vibration 3.get higher 4.warshag 5.tighten-up 6.norwegian wood 7.dub it together 8.armagideon time 9.planet dodo 10.housework 11.fire 12.i would like to see egypt black beetles and white bird
brainwashing and heartists blue life stripes cd (colours and sounds/ cruel) 1997 1.cairo disco 2.goldmine 3.pink girl 4.we are stars 5.titanium mountain 6.losing you 7.spirits 8.naima 9.sky dancer 10.let it rain brainwashing and heartists blue life stripes
don’t just sit there, fly! cd (colours and sounds) 2000 1.baba yaga 2.little bird 3.apres coutance 4.youngman 5.appleblossom 6.silver hare 7.flies waltz 8.ambience genial 9.don’t just sit there 10.morning pipe 11.river is flowing 12.what is love don't just sit there, fly!
dirty and lost(eps collection) cd(coloursandsounds) 2002 1. Rock n roll 2. My Baby 3. All Or Nothing 4. Johnny 5. Get Higher 6.Bring Me Down Gently 7. Groovepower (DUB) 8. Groovepower 9.DiscoMan 10. Armagideon Time 11. Who Do You Love 12. Norwegian Wood 13. Tighten-Up 14. Housework 15. Shake It Together 16. Soul Heavy 17. I Would Like To See Egypt (One Of These Days) dirty and lost(eps collection)
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    Where can I find MOONFLOWERS Colours and sounds on lp or cd ?
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