Welcome to the internet presence of The Moonflowers, feel free to nose around and give us some aecdotal evidence of something happening somewhere.

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  1. Hi, I went to see the Moonflowers at the George Robey around 1990, they played a track that had the lyrics “theres allways space in my heart for you” does anyone know this track, I still remember it and had it on tape years ago…is it available?

  2. Hey guys

    James, from the Gossamer Freds here. We used to play with you guys years ago!! Just found your etched record that you did, bought back some fond memories.

    Take it easy.

    Love & PEACE


  3. Glad your back hope to see you at Camp Bestival. Oh yeah always meant to tell you years ago but my copy of “We Dig Your Earth” EP was so big I had to trim around the edge to get it to play on my turntable any chance of a refund? I think I mightn have lost the receipt though. ; )

  4. Hi, hope you recall Jim Browning from your original Bristol days. His birthday’s coming up soon & I know he’d love to hear from you. Please contact me if so, and hide this comment 🙂 cheers

  5. Good evening to you. Can I buy ‘Out to Space’ and ‘Dirty and Lost’ on cd from you? Have you any vinyl copies of ‘We dig your earth’? for sale also, young sorts?

  6. dear moonflowers – have been a big fan of yours from a distance for 25 years – i now run the ;label metal postcard records – would love to release a moonflowers retrospective on my label metal postcard records but thats another story — if you are around check out Portland OR band band White Fang who are coming to Bristol v soon – part of the reason i love them so much is they remind me in bits of what you used to do

    here’s the info – say hi sometime


    UK Tour March 2014
    “Get in the van and let’s get going,”

    Implore DIY, lo-fi psych revivalists White Fang on

    “Talkin’ To Gary On The Corner”

    Sounding like passengers on a Hazy, night-time city spin with Iggy Pop

    Q Magazine

    This Lowest Of All Lo-Fi Songs Is Alluringly Abrasive It’s A Kinks Song Without The Budget

    The 405.com
    UK Tour Dates
    14.03.14 – Brighton, UK –The Hope
    15.03.14 – London, UK –The Shacklewell Arms
    16.03.14 – Manchester, UK – The Castle Hotel
    17.03.14 – London, UK –Rough Trade East
    18.03.14 – Bristol, UK –Start The Bus

    White Fang have the canny songwriting instincts of bands that have achieved legendary status and a permanent place in pop culture history,
    but they are all the better for perhaps not being aware of or greatly concerned at all about this.
    Louder Than War (UK)

    World Tour 2014
    If You Wish To Book Reviews/Features/Interviews
    Please contact hocking.sean@gmail.com




    LIAM CARROLL (BOOKER) – liam@biarritzmusic.co.uk
    SEAN HOCKING (METAL POSTCARD RECORDS) -hocking.sean@gmail.com


    Fang World Tour Dates:
    3/1 Berlin, DE
    3/2 Halle, DE
    3/3 Vienna, AU
    3/4 Tubingen, DE
    3/5 Hamburg, DE
    3/6 Copenhagen, DM
    3/7 Haarlem, NL
    3/8 Rotterdam, NL
    3/9 Antwerp, BE
    3/11 Brussels, BE
    3/13 Paris, FR
    3/14 Brighton, UK
    3/15 London, UK
    3/16 Manchester, UK
    3/17 London, UK
    3/18 Bristol, UK
    3/19 Bordeaux, FR
    3/22 Santa Ana, BURGERAMA!
    3/23 Santa Ana, BURGERAMA!
    4/2 Phoenix, AZ
    4/4 Dallas, TX
    4/5 Austin, TX
    4/6 Houston, TX
    4/8 New Orleans, LA
    4/9 Birmingham, AL
    4/10 Atlanta, GA
    4/11 Tallahassee, FL
    4/12 Jacksonville, FL
    4/13 Gainesville, FL
    4/14 Wilmington, NC
    4/15 Chapel Hill, NC
    4/16 Richmond, VA
    4/17 Baltimore, MD
    4/18 Philadelphia, PA
    4/19 Brooklyn, NY
    4/20 Cambridge, MA
    4/22 Chicago, IL
    4/23 Minneapolis, MN
    4/24 Kansas City, MO
    4/25 Lawrence, KS
    4/26 Denver, CO
    4/27 Salt Lake City, UT
    4/29 Seattle, WA
    4/30 Portland, OR
    5/2 San Francisco, CA
    5/3 Los Angeles, CA
    5/4 Santa Ana, CA

    European Tour Release LP

    Track Listing
    Gonna Get It
    Sut Up
    Doin The Damn Thing
    Goodbye to Bedtime
    Talkin’ To The Apple
    Full Time Freaks
    Waste My Time
    High On Life
    Pass The Grass
    Talkin’ To Gary On The Corner
    Before I Pass Out
    Contact 9PR London For Advance Review Copies Lee Puddefoot

    Grateful To Shred (GNAR)
    White Fang are mostly about gleeful destruction and infectious cacophony..Not only could there not have been a better title for this album than Grateful to Shred, but it’s also a testament to why grabbing a bunch of instruments with your friends and creating music– whether it’s in our basements or a $100-an-hour studio– is so therapeutic for so many of us Pitchfork (USA)

    High Expectations (Metal Postcard)
    White Fang, and their slacker anthems are mini masterpieces, as thrilling and immediate as any life changing teenage catharsis. Louder Than War (UK)

    Steady Truckin’ For Summer (Metal Postcard)
    An infectious, laid back vibe that is the perfect soundtrack for your next backyard party. Secret Decoder.net

    BAD BOYS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImR2VIA4MC0
    CANT DEAL WITH BEING REAL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9rrhKFsf1g
    CHILL YOURSELF http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dIpxwgF6Dk
    WRECKED http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImR2VIA4MC0

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